This is Jamie’s story of his recovery from Pelvic Pain. He is now back to enjoying a normal life again, including riding his bike once more!

The worst thing about Pelvic Pain

I think most sufferers from Pelvic Pain will recognise that the worst thing about the symptoms is the sense of powerless, the realisation that the medical profession has no understanding whatsoever regarding the underlying pathology and, of course, no possible cure.  Without a rational basis, an understanding, there appears to be no way out of the cycle of pain, lost sleep and increasing anxiety.  And there appears to be no-one who can understand how devastating that
feeling – that this may never end –  is.

The start of recovery from Pelvic Pain?

Meeting Karl changed that for me.  Karl understood what I was going through.  He didn’t regard it as abnormal, or unaddressable. In fact, he calmly and with great assurance, told me with certainty that this would pass; that he had the tools to address this and that while it would require patience, he and I would prevail.   Out of all the therapy, and the counsel that Karl gave, this was by far the most powerful; the confidence that this would end.  And it did.  And the tools that he used to address the pain, the dysfunction and the stress were understanding, sympathy and a practical approach to identifying and alleviating the underlying physical causes of my condition.  Physical causes that Karl proved were substantially exacerbated, if not inherently caused, by  stress, as experienced by nearly all of us at some time.   

I am in charge of my recovery from Pelvic Pain

The most powerful part of Karl’s practice was therefore this – the fact of putting me back in charge of my own recovery; yes the tools to manage the symptoms, the release of muscles under chronic tension, the awareness and management of factors causing exacerbation, but most importantly, the knowledge that this could be managed.  That this was not a thing that just happened to me, that I would have to suffer, but something that could be understood and controlled.  His counsel and empathy throughout this process, as I took back control of my life, were of critical importance to me.  And took me back to doing the things that I had feared would never be possible – especially the cycling… 
I would like to see this practice as a first line medical response to the emergence of these symptoms.  I know that it would alleviate substantial and unnecessary suffering.  
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Karl Monahan is the owner of The Pelvic Pain Clinic, London. He has been successfully treating male pelvic pain since 2009. His depth of knowledge and personal experience on the subject provides his patients with a compassionate approach that is rarely found. His holistic approach to treating male pelvic pain addresses, lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management and therapeutic movement. The clinics approach is very much aimed at empowering the patient, teaching them the tools and techniques to manage and reduce their own symptoms allowing them to be the driver in their own recovery and not just a passenger.
Testimonials From Clients

“Having suffered with Pelvic Pain to the point where I had to be hospitalised for a number of nights. Karl has a great understanding and level of empathy with his patients. Appreciating exactly how they feel and what they are going through”

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My aim is to take every individual patient I see and treat them as individuals. If I am not achieving this then I believe I am letting down that patient. It is therefore imperative that my approach is bespoke and tailored. Failure to do so is likely to result in an unsuccessful outcome.

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