"“I had been suffering from pelvic symptoms for over 6 months: pains, urinary symptoms and knock-on effects such as sleep deficit. It was a demoralising vortex of doctors, urologists and invasive tests all of which left me none the wiser - no better physically and considerably worse off mentally. I felt completely lost. Discovering Karl and the Pelvic Pain Clinic changed everything for me. From the very first session, I suddenly felt seen and heard by someone who not only cared, but also genuinely understood what I was going through, and most importantly had a road map to recovery. Karl understands the complexities of male pelvic pain and really works to understand the individual and their story to tailor the recovery journey. Through a combination of lifestyle changes, body awareness and stretching techniques as well as gut focussed solutions, my symptoms improved rapidly and 6 months later were negligible. But I would say the mental support that Karl offers is what is perhaps most transformational. Male pelvic pain can be a lonely place to be. With Karl, you suddenly have someone in your corner who gets it, is constantly listening and adapting your recovery, and genuinely rooting for you. To anyone else suffering from male pelvic pain: Hang in there, it does get better. Be patient, open to solutions, keep calm and listen to Karl!”

James K

"‘Karl was a massive help in getting my life back on track very quickly. He really understands the condition and provides very effective advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with these issues’"

Matt M

"I saw Karl about pelvic related health issues. He was excellent at making me feel comfortable from the start. These were matters I had not discussed with anyone before but with Karl I felt safe and at ease. The treatment and action plan was so effective, I only needed two sessions to overcome my issues. Along with excellent manual treatment, I came out of the sessions armed with multiple simple lifestyle changes and strategies to implement. He even helped me fix a long-standing bio-mechanical issue he noticed incidentally during the session." “I had been struggling with pelvic and testicular pain for many months. I had numerous different GP treatments, drugs, scans, and even an operation. Nothing was improving my symptoms. Having found Karl, I saw more improvement in 4 weeks than with any of the medical interventions. I am truly thankful to have found Karl and through some simple lifestyle changes have not had any recurrence of my issues. I think even if I do get the same symptoms, I am much better placed to resolve them”

Chris. L

"I saw Karl about pelvic related health issues. He was excellent at making me feel comfortable from the start. These were matters I had not discussed with anyone before but with Karl I felt safe and at ease. The treatment and action plan was so effective, I only needed two sessions to overcome my issues. Along with excellent manual treatment, I came out of the sessions armed with multiple simple lifestyle changes and strategies to implement. He even helped me fix a long-standing bio-mechanical issue he noticed incidentally during the session."

Chris. W

"Karl Monahan was a key part of my recovery from CPPS. I had a lot of perineal pain that was interfering with life activities and mentally exhausting because I didn’t think I would ever be able to control it. I did a lot of my own reading on CPPS which was the first crucial step in recovery, but I realized I needed help to complete those further steps. I needed someone who understands the impact of CPPS on the body and the mind-body interaction that often produces CPPS (my urologist who just prescribed antibiotics did not seem to understand the origin of the problem, ascribing it to infection when it was almost certainly not an infection). As useful as A Headache in the Pelvis was to me in understanding the problem and in my recovery, the full-on six week physical and psychological therapy offered by its authors was not an option for me financially. I found what I needed in Karl’s approach, which combined physical methods of addressing the problem with simple, realistic changes in diet and routine, and simple methods to mitigate the anxiety that often accompanies CPPS. I have been pain-free for several months"

Aaron. K

"My pelvic pain journey started 3 years ago with gradually worsening symptoms alongside anxiety and other dark thoughts. I was suspecting I had permanently damaged myself by overtraining and not taking care of my body. Multiple visits to different doctors only made my convictions worse. Finally I began to research the topic on the internet myself and slowly seeing other options and theories for causes and treatments of prostatitis/pelvic pain. That's when I also contacted Karl. It has been a great help bouncing my ideas off him and hearing all my own thoughts and observations put together in a single comprehensive explanation about what's going on in my body. The work for healing has to be done by yourself, but it's absolutely crucial to have someone on the side who understands the journey and can reassure you you're on the right path."


"Working with Karl acted as both the starting blocks and the engine for my recovery, mental and physical, from pelvic pain and other health problems arising as a result of an unbalanced lifestyle. One of the most important factors in my recovery was a feeling that Karl was in the process with me, that he was not going to lecture me from a position of moral higher ground, but rather approach treatment as a specially tailored plan that was open to flexibility and adaption in light of both of our learning. It is in this way that Karl left no stone unturned in helping to identify potential factors of exacerbation and toxicity, effectively reduce symptoms and their effect on my life within a matter of months. I have Karl to thank for my health."

Howard. F

"I suffered from testicular and pelvic pain for a total of 3 years. This continued despite a varicocele operation, countless visits to GP's and various urologists. I really thought the problem would never be resolved. When I met Karl I had stopped all activity and was limiting social activities. He talked me through the root causes, and gave me new ways to think about the condition and it's solution. I can happily say that thanks to Karl the condition is now just a memory - yes, complete remission! I really cannot thank Karl enough"

Martin W

"Karl's wholesome approach to relieving pelvic pain, combined with his determined curiosity to further his own understanding of the condition ensures that he offers the only form of treatment suitable for sufferers. Upon first visiting Karl I was comforted by his open minded approach to the condition which was reflected in his comprehensive and varied methods of treatment. He is thoughtful, patient and empathetic to the impact that pelvic pain can play on our lives, something which I'd not always found from the numerous specialist Doctors who had failed to remedy my pain through a barrage of antibiotics. The approach that Karl uses is tailored to each individual's symptoms and as such I believe he is the only person in the UK offering a realistic cure to the symptoms that we all know far too well."

Mr S

"Pelvic pain can be very isolating until you wrap your head around what's happening to your body. You learn to live with it and try your best. I would strongly recommend that you speak to Karl, whose approach is very human and goal-centred at the same time. Karl explained concepts related to pain - such as central sensitization - in a very accessible manner. Besides doing any recommended exercises or tasks, this learning process is itself key to healing. Karl's approach to pelvic pain allows you to link such principles to your own experience. For me, it was learning about my own body and its relationship with pain that 'did the trick', so to speak. For you, it may be something else, but do not lose hope. I'm very grateful to Karl for putting me on the right path, through his Skype sessions and genuine support. Healing can be a very peculiar process, but also a doable one. Once you find out what works for you, you may realize that pelvic pain does not have to be chronic. Thank you Karl."


"I had struggled with regular Pelvic pain for approximately 2 years prior to deciding to book an appointment with the Pelvic Pain Clinic. As early as the 1st session it became apparent that I had made the correct decision. The excellent advice and support offered by Karl during the period of the sessions resulted in a significant reduction in my symptoms - to a point where I no longer felt burdened by the condition. My only regret is that I didn't sought out Karl's help earlier. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the services of the Pelvic Pain Clinic to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament"

Chris F

"If you are reading this then it is because you have some form of pain between your knees and your belly button that has not been diagnosed/explained/resolved/cured by your numerous visits to GP, urologists, surgeons, acupuncturists, sports therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, pain management specialists, etc, etc (you know the story!). You have taken the pills and pain killers offered and are still in pain. Nobody has to your satisfaction explained the pain to you. Why is it there? When did it kick off? Why is it not going away? So you have “done the rounds”, spend hours on the internet, and read all about it and have been living with this pain for days/weeks/months - in my case for four years. You are told "there is nothing wrong with..", and “it’s in the mind!” but you cannot sit/sleep/walk properly/enjoy life like you did. Nobody has managed to explain or “fix” it. It is time to go and see Mr Karl Monahan! I am not saying the professionals you visited are not doing wonderful jobs, I believe that the pelvic region is a complex area and pain once established inside that area could have many causes and symptoms and is a tricky beast to tame, and at some point you may need specialist “pelvic pain” professional help to isolate/understand/live with/resolve this problem as you cannot do it alone - remember you have a full time job, a commute, worries and never ending pain, how are you going to solve this problem? Karl will listen to your scary theories (‘cos you are going crazy by now!), will give you practical advice on how to manage the pain and avoid triggering more pain, will help you work through the possibilities of what caused this “outtake” in your life, give you strategies to improve and help you rebuild your life again. Without having visited Karl I would be in a terrible state of pain still, five years after it first "mysteriously" kicked off. There is no schedule or timetable, you decide how often you need to visit Karl for and for how long. Together we worked on the problem which lead to a cure and I am thankfully now pain free which is nothing short of a miracle from where I was– all thanks to Karl’s helpfulness, knowledge and experience of the treatment of pain and discomfort in this complex area. "


"I suddenly began having pelvic pain symptoms three years ago. This consisted of severe penile pain and rectal discomfort. My GP put me on antibiotics for 6 weeks but this had no effect. I then consulted a urologist, who thought my symptoms could be connected to my history of back pain and suggested I see a physiotherapist. At this point I discovered Karl. After a couple of treatments and following his recommended protocols, my pain gradually diminished and within a few weeks I was symptom free. Although I still experience episodes of pelvic pain, Karl's guidance has equipped me to keep things under control. As well as being an extremely knowledgable and highly skilled therapist, Karl's friendly, positive and empathic approach provides much needed reassurance. I'd recommend Karl to any man seeking relief from pelvic pain."

Philip. T

"There’s probably not much else to say that has not already been said and by the time you find Karl you may have already searched the whole internet. All I can say is Karl is fantastic not only is he caring and understanding he is also realistic in this is not a quick fix but he is in it with you for the long haul. At no time did any of my appointments with Karl feel like doctor patient and that I was just a number with Karls guide and understanding he literally has changed my life from deep depression and anxiety and agonising pain to Symptom free. I can’t speak highly enough of Karl and if your lucky enough to have found the pelvic pain clinic your in good hands. I will always be grateful to Karl "

Tommy. B

“Having been an athlete for much of my life my diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, together with the affirmation from urologists that I may not be able to pursue some of my sporting hobbies, came as a complete shock. After being prescribed a series of strong medication and uncomfortable tests all of which proved ineffective and inconclusive I was struggling to see how I could resume something approaching a normal life again. Karl’s holistic approach, focus on relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes and nutrition made a huge difference to my recovery and a year on I am now virtually symptom free and know how to address my symptoms effectively if they recur. Moreover, being able to talk to a practitioner who listens and has first hand experience of this condition personally was very comforting.”

Chris. S

"I can only recommend to CPPS/Prostatitis sufferers that they seek your help - I did about 5 years ago and have never looked back. From the day I started using the Arvigo massage at bedtime, had that one internal with you and started the morning stretches and exercises, I have got better and better. Visits to the local pool and steam room don't do me any harm either and my work out is the walk to the gym where I relax in the spa and steam room before taking a gentle swim. The pelvic floor pain has subsided, and I do not have prostatitis as was once thought by a few NHS medics, I take no medication for either CPPS or prostatitis and my life has been transformed. The NHS, despite its efforts to find and sort out my pain, didn't and couldn't. I have not had any operations or procedures. I also have changed my eating habits and my IBS that was also an issue along with the CPPS/prostatitis, has pretty much gone."

David. C

"Having suffered with Pelvic Pain to the point where I had to be hospitalised for a number of nights, Karl has a great understanding and level of empathy with his patients, appreciating exactly how they feel and what they are going through"

Adam. L

"Karl helped me reframe my symptoms and was crucial to my long-term recovery. His expertise, sense of perspective and kindness quite literally changed my life"

Sam. I

"Karl is highly professional, knowledgeable and also very friendly. Having suffered from pelvic pain for a couple of years and being referred on by anyone I saw in the NHS with limited relief, Karl provided simple and effective ways to manage my pain and I have seen a significant reduction in my symptoms. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering."

Ben. M

"After months of frustration and increasing despair dealing with the medical community, meeting Karl had a profound impact on my symptoms, outlook and ultimately my recovery. Karl is the only true CPPS specialist that I have met and brings a unique blend of patient experience, practical treatment tools and empathetic understanding. He knows what his patients are going through and gives them the framework to understand and control their own symptoms. I cannot recommend Karl and his practice highly enough. "

Jamie. H

"Karl provides excellent treatments tailored to treat specific symptoms. Having seen countless urologists who have prescribed various medicines, invasive tests and even surgery, it was a welcome relief to find someone who was willing to listen before beginning treatment. Karl has helped me to explore and accept the root cause of my urinary symptoms and pelvic pain (anxiety and depression, which I am addressing separately), and shape my treatment accordingly."

Mr A

"Karl's approach to treating pelvic pain is extremely thorough and methodical. He addresses the physical as well as psychological aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction. His knowledge of pelvic anatomy is impressive. Over the past few months, I have certainly benefited from the exercise and stretch regimens that he has proposed. I would recommend anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction to visit Karl. "

Varuna. S

"I've had this condition for a number of years , and coming across karl helped me so much , I thought I'd never get rid of the pain/discomfort. > Karl's approach was excellent in he's understanding and willingness to listen , I knew from the off he was going to help , he taught me how to focus on relaxation and gave me the tools to manage this condition, with Karl's help I've got my life back"

Mark. K

"Karl was able to put me ease discussing openly what is a subject that is not often easy to speak about. His approach from the offset was professional and friendly. The diagnosis was methodical, precise, and swift. Then the prescribed treatment plan was really effective. The Pelvic Pain Clinic did more than just treat my issue it changed the way I think about my own body particularly around exercise and fitness."

Will. S

"After suffering the consequences of pubic pain for about 13 years, I came to the pelvic pain clinic hopeless and full of fears. There I found Karl, who offered me his professional services and mostly, he gave me back hope. After 9 months of treatment I can say that my symptoms are extremely reduced and that my quality of life has greatly improved. I would say that the most important part of the help you can receive from Karl is his advice and training to understand and treat your condition to reduce symptoms to imperceptible levels. "

Danny R

""Over the last six months Karl has been a huge help in my recovery from CPPS. I was at a point where I was feeling desperate and depressed about my symptoms and I couldn't find any satisfactory answers from any of the other healthcare professionals I had spoken to and then I found Karl. His calm manner and professional approach have been a breath of fresh air and his advice on how to approach treating myself has been extremely useful in getting my symptoms under control. He clearly understands what it is like to go through CPPS and has a wealth of tips and advice to hand. I am not cured yet, but I am well on the way and it is all down to Karl."

Andrew. B

Like many other long term CPPS sufferers, I have spent many frustrating years trying to find clinicians who understand this condition, let alone that can provide some help. Karl is a highly skilled therapist, but most importantly has a deep holistic understanding of the many theories behind CPPS. I would happily have seen him for the discussions alone

David. E

"Karl's clarity and compassion in his treatment gave me a much needed understanding of my condition. His daily self care programme allows me to have the necessary tools to manage and eventually recover from my pain. I would strongly recommend anyone with chronic pelvic pain to see Karl"

George. B

"I was very impressed by the treatment I received, and the professional approach taken by Karl Monahan. I would recommend anyone I know to use the clinic, as already within 4 days I can see a marked improvement in my symptoms of prostatitis."

Paul. W

"It all started by seeking in the internet for information about CPPS, the clinical situation that I was dealing with, recently. After I saw one of Karl’s article I just said to myself: That’s it! I’ve found it! After months of seeking help and to try to understand the situation Karl’s words made the light of it. After that, all the process became easy: I just sent an email, got a prompt reply from Karl, schedule my first appointment with him and at the present I keep follow-up skype consultations. Karl’s approach on the situation is very expert wise and he prove to have an expert knowledge of the symptoms and the way to relief them. His approach, prescribed exercises and continuous monitoring on my evolution made me get back my confidence levels. As he says: “this is not how the story ends… you will come trough the other side again”"

Rogerio. F

"Despite my time with Karl being relatively short, his insight and advice has made such a difference to my understanding of my pelvic pain leading to a very much improved outlook. It makes such a difference having someone who understands what you are going through. Most of my encounters with medical professionals haven't been very beneficial to me due to a lack of empathy. My phone call with Karl served to educate me with proven research and scientific based facts to aid my understanding of what is happening when I go through 'flare-ups'. Not only that, but I found that the call had therapeutic benefits and despite suffering from symptoms around the time the call was arranged, subsequently, I stopped worrying about my 'condition'. There was no pressure whatsoever to carry on using his services and he encouraged me to go to him should I have any questions in the future. An honest, transparent and caring professional; I would recommend Karl to anyone who is struggling with the frustrating battle caused by pelvic pain. It was only a 30 minute phone call and yet my symptoms have pretty much vanished. Knowledge is power"

Michael. F

"Karl's approach to treating pelvic pain is extremely thorough and methodical. He addresses the physical as well as psychological aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction. His knowledge of pelvic anatomy is impressive. Over the past few months, I have certainly benefited from the exercise and stretch regimens that he has proposed. I would recommend anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction to visit Karl. "

Will. H

"I was very lucky to have found Karl at the time I was at a very low place as been at the doctors and hospital many times over the last few years , Karl made me feel so much better even after my first visit he put me on my own treatment plan which helped a great deal . I have had a few flare ups but as soon as I do I I know Karl is always there to help me . Thanks to him I am a lot better and would recommend his treatment to anyone with my problem"

Adrian. H

"“I started with the symptoms of what I now know as CPPS in May 2016. I was unable to sit without a cushion and had pain most of the time. After a barrage of invasive tests for Prostatitis and a lengthy course of various anti-biotics I still had the symptoms, if not worse. I found Karl during my research into my symptoms and first met Karl in October 2016. I haven’t looked back since. Karl’s knowledge of CPPS, its causes and how to treat it have been a revelation to me. With Karl’s personalised approach to my symptoms I have made steady progress since my first visit. It’s taken commitment and lots of highs and lows but I am now able to sit with low levels of discomfort for longer periods of time and my flare ups are less frequent. I wouldn’t have got this far without Karl’s help, support and patience. I now have the confidence that with Karl’s continued help and support my steady progress will continue and one day I will be free of all CPPS symptoms. I have my life back! I highly recommend any CPPS sufferers to contact Karl.” August 2017

Barrie. H