This is Brian’s account of his recovery from Pelvic Pain

I first contacted Karl in September 2018 (aged 70) having undergone several medical investigations.

I first noticed a problem in my pelvic area in April 2018 beginning with a sharp pain in my left testicle whilst playing squash. The pain was sufficient for me to stop playing squash but I continued with weight training at the gym. Over the next few weeks I developed pains in both testicles, the pubic area, the perineum, my adductors and my left lower abdomen. I also experienced one or two cloudy, smelly urines and analysis showed trace blood and protein in my urine. It was thought the latter were due to infection of the prostate and I thought the adductor pain was due to the gym which I then stopped along with the squash.

Testing for Pelvic Pain

I had been for a prostate check (PSA and DRE) a couple of months previously which, along with the foregoing, prompted a series of investigations – 2 MRIs, 2 ultrasounds, a colonoscopy and a cystoscopy all of which proved negative. I was prescribed ciprofloxacin for 5 weeks for possible infection of the prostate which proved unnecessary as the problem was inflammation not infection.

Within 3 months the various pains had developed to a point where I couldn’t sit down. The pain by then covered the full “boxer short” region. I needed to adjust the car seat to a steep incline and even then I could only cope with short journeys. I needed soft cushions and experienced a few short flights with extreme discomfort.

Researching Pelvic Pain treatments

I undertook a lot of research using google, gradually concluding I had CP/CPPS and came across the Pelvic Pain Clinic. I also read that early treatment was important before the condition became deep seated. None of the medical professionals seemed to have much clue about the condition nor how to cure it.

I made several visits to see Karl over the next few months travelling from Cheshire. It was very soon clear that Karl understood a lot about the condition having suffered himself. He wanted to understand the detail of my condition and its impact on my lifestyle.

Among the wealth of information and advice I learned from Karl included these key elements:

  • a series of stretching exercises tailored by Karl to relieve and correct the particulars of my condition. I was initially a little too enthusiastic and overdid the stretches but gradually I felt great relief.
  • I should try and pick up squash again, an important aspect of my social life and gradually my game returned to normal after a few months.

A summary of the Pelvic Pain approach from The Pelvic Pain Clinic

In summary, I felt an improvement after only one session with Karl and believed that he could help with my condition. I was almost pain free after 3 months with only minor discomfort. I am now fully recovered and continue Karl’s exercises in place of the gym for health and fitness reasons and I am back to full squash fitness.

For anyone experiencing pain in the pelvic area I can wholeheartedly recommend Karl at the PelvicPain Clinic. I am grateful for his advice and the knowledge I have acquired to control the condition should it recur.


Thank you very much Brian for sharing your story of recovery. I know many men will find comfort in your words 


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Testimonials From Clients

“Having suffered with Pelvic Pain to the point where I had to be hospitalised for a number of nights. Karl has a great understanding and level of empathy with his patients. Appreciating exactly how they feel and what they are going through”

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